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In order to provide a substantial portion of country’s requirement for fiberglass products, mavad vizhe lia company (public corporation) succeeded in commissioning of a factory to produce fiber glass for the first time in the country utilizing modern technology and provision machineries from Germany in 2003.

The main product of this company includes chopped fibers and fiberglass tissues. wet chop strand is one of by-products of fiberglass which is used through wet process for producing of different types of mats and reinforcement of different matrixes such as gypsum, concrete and thermos-set and thermos-plastic resin.

Fiberglass tissue is non-woven felt made from glass fibers (E-Glass or C-Glass) resistant against abrasion that is used for making insulation in water, oil and gas pipe covers and grip.

This company is capable of producing different types of best quality fiberglass tissues up to capacity of 40milion square meters per year in different width and weights in order to suplly great portion of domestic consumers demands.

Sales engineering unit, quality control laboratory and research and development unit enable the company to produce any type of tissue according to customres need after making contact with customers and finding out about their specifications for different applications of tissue.

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